Dru Erin
Born and raised in Los Angeles, she has always had her finger on the glittering pulse of this city. Dru got her start in the photography and makeup world early on, snapping photos and doing makeovers for friends. Realizing that her passion was more than just a hobby, Dru entered the prestigious Brooks Institutue of Photography to further hone her craft. Specializing in Portraiture and Fashion, Dru refined her technique both in front of and behind the camera. As a model herself, Dru quickly learned the demands and hard work that go into each image. These experiences, combined with her natural talent for styling and makeup, have allowed Dru Erin to expand her vision, making the world a little more fabulous with each shoot. Dru strives to bring the best out of each client, allowing their personalities and unique beauty to shine through. Dru's laid back and fun approach creates an energetic but professional setting that her models thrive in. The outcome of each shoot is a set of simply stunning photos with a natural intimacy and elegance that is difficult to capture.
#semler#ranch#malibu#malibufamilywines#winery#tastingroom@malibufamilywines (Taken with Instagram at Malibu Wines Tasting Room)
  1. #semler#ranch#malibu#malibufamilywines#winery#tastingroom@malibufamilywines (Taken with Instagram at Malibu Wines Tasting Room)

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